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The Bat and Supes back in action!

Aug. 28th, 2009 | 05:18 pm

Yeah Superman and Batman voiced by the right actors!

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A Day Off in Chicago.

Aug. 7th, 2009 | 11:54 am
location: work
mood: Devestated
music: Star Trek by Michael Giaccino

I was 18 when I tried to recreate the famous "Day Off" from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I have done some of the same things. I had already been in the German Day Parade ((benefits of a relatively rich and powerful German Grandfather.)) I loved the Cubs, and  knew how to get to Cameron's house from where I lived (( then in Libertyville, but I spent from the age of 3 to the 6th grade in Highland Park)). The trick is, all the things he does aren't going on in the same day and certainly not in May during senior ditch day.

  So i decided, realtively then and there, that I loved Chicago. I loved the feel and the atmosphere. The pride in coming from the "Second City" and the "City of Big Shoulders". It ment we worked for a living. No one got anything because they were entitled. They worked. I decided I was going to work too, and went down in to the city I loved, holding my head up high at being a bufdding "Grabowski" film maker. I wanted to make movies like I saw. I wanted to be Spielberg, and Lucas, I wanted to show a world and make you think like Kubrick. I wanted to shoot a hold 'em up, police drama like Michael Mann. I wanted to shoot a western like Hawks and Ford, but most of all i wanted to something in the city I knew and loved like John Huges.

From an early age I watched John Hughes movies. The name nearly reverential in my household. My father would talk about "Now here's the guy who gets what it's like. He's been here. He's seen the same things we have." I knew I had these stories in me, and there was at least one guy who made a living being funny and telling them. 
I won;t exagerate, I never did get in to Sixteen Candles of The Breakfast Club like older kids did. I was too young, but Ferris Bueller's Day Off I could get behind. Take a day off of school, and live it up when I am old enough to have a car, and money. Run around Chicgao. live it up, taste it...suck the marrow of life. Drink in everything there is to have. Not and unabitious goal.

And I have done those things, albeit on different days. I have done things in my relatively short life, that most people can't say that they have done. Lived a life I have always been proud of, and made hard choices about what was really important. 
Advice on what really is important comes from many sources. My Father and Mother for one have a great many ideas. They raised me to believe in them, but it wasn't until I started really watching movies that they started to make sence. Watch the John huges movies. Steve Martin in Planes doesn't care about his buisness meeting after the first fifteen minutes of the film, it's all about getting home. And he discusses with John Candy about how home is important. It hits home so to speak. Ferris Bueller, a movie about enjoying life, not just living it, not a mantra for the slacker generation, but to actually get up and do something.  Dutch is about who realy loves you is not a matter of where or by whom you were born, but who decided to take the time to "Drag you around until you break".

As i got older I did start watching the other John Hughes films I missed. Once I had been through high School the Breakfast Club made sence. We are all just kids trying to get through the minefield of high school, and calling yourself a Jock or a brain, or a basket case is just a protective shield the bring the critisisms from the same angle so the shields can go up and you can defelct them more easily. Those masks are about control.

In the end we are all out of control, and once we realise we are all in the same boat, and everyone has problems, we can start to have a dialog about how we interact as human beings. Pretty deep thoughts from a guy who was austensibly a teen comedy director.

  So I learned things from different people.
Kubrick taught me "The real world ain't easy kids, so get smart and see it for what it is."
Lucas and Spielberg taught me "Adventure is arround the corner. Look for it, grab it and hold on."
and Huges taught me " maybe just maybe there is someone outthere who realised what it's like being you, and empathises, and says 'it will get better I promise'" and somedays that's the message we all need to hear to get through the day.

Today is dark. Today has pain, but I understand, gut it out, and it will get better.

Godspeed John Hughes, go help all those kids who went before, and tell them, finally they are understood.

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For a Friend...

Jun. 19th, 2009 | 12:51 pm

Here is a note...please vote....didn't mean that to ryhme but it did...deal ;->

Monday, I was informed I was a finalist for an article I wrote for Project Wedding regarding ways to keep your wedding on budget! I'm actually really excited about this because the grand prize is a $750 gift certificate on Amazon. What with Andrew's birthday coming up and all that, I'd LOVE to be able to get him/us something fun.
So friends, my dearest friends, please help out and vote!

My article is called "It's All About Priorities". The poll to vote for the article takes only a moment and is located at the bottom of this page: tinyurl.com/votemarla

Ways to maximize your vote!!
-If you have several different web browsers, you can vote once from each. For example: Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox will permit you to all cast one vote for a total of 3.
-If you have a phone you can serf the web from, you can vote on there too!
-For every computer you have, you can vote extra: work computer, home computer, laptop, etc.
-If you have a lot of time on your hands and feel like erasing your cookies for unlimited voting the directions are here: hackerslane.com/articles/polldaddy-polls-unlimited-voting-exploit/
But I would NEVER encourage cheating. *cough, cough*

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In the Pipe.... Five By Five.....

Jun. 3rd, 2009 | 01:56 pm

Strains of Bishop's Countdown in my ears.... I am working my last shift a single man. I couldn't be happier. Drama meters are exceeding redline, and the plane will have nearly all players abord. LOST will start shooting at the airport, and then into the cabin. Follow closely for coverage. Supregroom taking off on runway two three Left from CMH and touching down in ATL the n on to destinations south.

I love you all, my life has been to here and now away I go. Pray, thoughts, or whatever you are into are always encouraged, but I feel as if the first phase is now nearly closed, and then next, merely begining.

In the imortal words of Zepplin.... ramble on.

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And They Shall know No Fear....

May. 29th, 2009 | 02:06 pm

OK just got this trailer from THQ...looks like it is for PS3 and 360 by Relic, and looks fricking Awesome....

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How do you tie your shoes?

May. 27th, 2009 | 01:40 pm

I have had long discussions about why fantasy settings rather than science fiction settings are so popular to play in for role playing games. I mean in a science fiction setting you could theoretically do what ever you wanted. Faster than light travel, meeting actually alien aliens, you are only bound by your imagination. yet traveller the first and quintisential scifi role playing game struggles to find a home as it is bounced from published to publisher ((Mongoose Publishing is doing a wonderful job, and has removed the "death in character creation" mechanic)), Star Trek has ever gained any traction, and other science fiction realms still struggle to find an audience.

Yet all you have to do is slap a dragon on the cover, and BAM! hotcakes. lisence to print money.

I have thought long and hard about this and come to the following conclusion.

I don't have to tell you how to tie your shoes in a fantasy setting. I role up a character, and hand you a sword and a shield. You know how to use them, at least the concept if nothing else, and you swing away happily hacking and slashing your way through a dungeon.

No one has to tell you the pointy side of a sword goes in the baddy. No one has to say that shirt piece of armor goes on the torso and the leg parts go on the legs. You at least asume you have a fair idea of how to put on your shoes. Which brings me to the crux of the argument.

In a setting where the world could be anything from a science fiction setting, how do I put on my shoes? What's in fashion? What lets me roam from one place to another doing exciting things? If you play fantasy role playing games this is all rather deffined. Horses, buggys, carts, dragons, all realitvely well deffined before you even start playing the game. orcs are probably evil, as are goblins and trolls, elves are probably good guys, though they may be dicks. Dwarves probably live in mines.` This is all hold over from the ubiquitous Lord of the Rings, for which Dungeons and Dragons was designed.

But in ym science fiction universe is a Tentac good or bad? Do Nimoidians hate humans and want to kill them on sight? What about the AI Consortium? Do they hate humanity, or do they just not care at all?

Science fiction has the issue of deffining everything. Players have to learn evertything about the world.

This can be fun if that's the point of the story you are trying to tell. But by and large players wanna blow things up, not figure out how to put on pants.

As Marty McFly learned in Back to the Future, just push the button and the shoes go on.

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Einstien...not universal Speed Cop Anymore.

May. 6th, 2009 | 03:13 pm

Warp Drive Possible
ahhh more science fiction becoming science fact. Not that it is partcualrly doable with internal combustion engines, but Warp Drive may be psosible. Actually take a bubble of Sapce time wioth you as you drave faster than light.

The nice thing is this is something we can actuially get working on, and may or may not be possible, but it doesn't revolve around us finding new dimentions, like hyperspace travel does.

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OK...wanna know where I get my ideas?

Apr. 15th, 2009 | 07:14 pm

Since this is supposed to be a blog about me writing science fiction here is an interesting news article:


So basically these guys at the University of Arizon have manged with Filters and "Pulsed Lasers" to bend a laser beam. 5 mm of bend in 200 cm of travel. Not bad, but here's where it gets interesting, not only that.... they say the pulsed lasers leave behind a plasma trail that may be conductive enough to bend lightning.

Basically these guys want to use it to guide lightning away from buildings and things like that.... but....

Science Fiction brain on: Laser Guided Lightning Cannons! I am so writing this story.....

before someone else steals my ideas gosh darn it.....;->

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Fix it or Fuck it?

Apr. 3rd, 2009 | 11:42 am

As many of you know i work in Technical Support. I spent last year flying all over the counrty, and now I am supporting the software that I installed last year.

Well a quick update to that situation is our OA ((Office Automation team)) is short staffed. They are the Network/Office/Windows/ Laptop/Desktop support team, and they asked if a few of us with relatively low call volumes ((I was taking about 5 calls a day in an 8 hour shift, but most of mine were hair on fire situations)) so being the good little employee I am, I volunteered ((also I live by "Never turn down a combat assignment" attitude I picked up from the Right Stuff))

Anyway...so here I am, I have been assisting idiots with their PCs for about three weeks now. My call volume has quadrupled, and the stupid has increased by a factor of five hundred. So...yesterday i got this call...

OK...so a little background before we dive in...my company has laid off about 1300 people..800 by the end of the month and 500 positions that will be gone through normal attrition. Almost all of these positions were in the San Diego facility. Anyway some sales people were included...with this in mind...this:

Hello thank you for calling my company's Support, this is Dave how may I help you?
Uhh yeah.... I think I got a virus on my computer. I removed the file, and it keeps popping up because of XP's back ups. I have to be an admin to stop the process, can you elevate my account?

Now this sounds like someone who knows what they are doing, and that usually raises red flags beacuse I don't get calls form people who know what they are doing...'cause...well....they know what they are doing and don't need to ask for advice.

I replied: Well unfortunetely I cannot elevate your account, but I might be able to log in and remove it, but if I can't then someone local to you would have to take a look at it.

Local? the nearest office is in San Diego, and I am not sure I would know what building to go into.

I said: OK...well really the only people that can help are the local folks, cause they can get in with the admin at the office.

Her responce was priceless:

Look I am part of the layoffs, so here's the deal, should I make you fix it, or..... should I just turn it back in and say fuck it?

I told her: I would just throw it back at them and move on with your day.

She giggled and said : Ok..fuck it, thanks you've been great!

Ahh another satisfied customer.

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April Fools

Apr. 1st, 2009 | 06:05 pm

So my Father turned 60 today. Quite frankly I am suprised he made it. He has defied medical odds, and is still around. He is currently planning how much he is going to do with Mom when they attend our wedding in June.

He found out that the island where we are having our wedding is where Ian Flamming lived when he wrote James Bond novels, and Dad couldn't be more excited.

I am very excited. Having never been maried before this is new ((even though I was engaged)) I am marrying the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I fell for her head over heels when I met her, and we have been nearly inseperable ever since.

Course I did find out soemthing interesting today. My place of buisness announced that the techniocal refresh I worked on last year is completed and listed everyone who worked on the project and how many hours they worked.

Winds up that I worked....from February to Thanksgiving last year 2118.75 hours, just on that project. So basically I did more than a years worth of work in 9 mos. Fun fun fun.

So...I am still working here...and I am still tired from last year.

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